Traveling with kids


Is there a child fare ?
The possibility of a child fare depends on the line. We work with several different carriers and they each have a different policy about child fares.
To know the price and ages of child fare : You need to start a booking on and enter the age of the young traveler. The price will adjust !
Please note : Whether the child fare is free or reduced, you have to take a ticket, even for a baby traveling on your knees. 
Can I get a child seat ?

No : kids have to use their seatbelts like adults. Seatbelts are generally waist belts and therefore are not compatible with the biggest child seats.

Are there toilets in the bus ? 
The carriers we work with are not required to leave their toilets open for many reasons : disturbing other passengers, unpleasant odors, cold freezing the water. 
Please note that for the comfort of their passengers, carriers will stop during the route. In case of emergency, please consult the bus driver.

Can my minor son/daughter travel alone ?

Altibus and the carrier do not engage their responsibility. Also, for trips transiting through Geneva and Switzerland, customs will require a letter of parental consent.